Unseen Poem – Children in Wartime

In Thursday’s lesson you worked on the Unseen question from June 2012 – How does this poet present the ways children are affected by war?

Children In Wartime by Isobel Thrilling

Sirens ripped open
the warm silk of sleep;
we ricocheted to the shelter

moated by streets
that ran with darkness.
People said it was a storm,
but flak*
had not the right sound
for rain;
thunder left such huge craters
of silence,
we knew this was no giant
playing bowls.
And later,
when I saw the jaw of glass,
where once had hung
my window spun with stars;
it seemed the sky
lay broken on my floor.
*flak: anti aircraft fire
Here’s a model answer to this question, produced by one of you guys. This response clearly focuses on AO2 – language, structure and form whilst offering some insightful interpretations linked to the question. I awarded this response an A* grade but suggested that they may wish to make reference to the question in each paragraph – specifically the conclusion. Read it and reflect on your response.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 17.03.15

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 17.03.26

Get cracking with the revision!

See you tomorrow.


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