Half Term Homework

Compulsory Homework

Of Mice and Men

Please reread Of Mice and Men over the half term break.

In the Part A of the exam you will need to analyse an extract from the book. As you are reading the text again begin to consider the language Steinbeck uses to secribe the characters and settings. Part B will ask you to comment on context and link to the Of Mice and Men. We will work on this after the break.

Optional homework (Aim high – Do It!)

The Woman in Black

Reread the book – the more you read it, the better your understanding will be.

Spend 45 minutes on the following question:

How does Arthur Kipps change from the young lawyer about to travel to Crythin Gifford to the middle aged step father who feels compelled to write his story?

Conflict Poetry

Spend 45 minutes on the following question:

Compare the attitudes to the conflict of war in ‘Come on, come back’ by Stevie Smith and one other poem from the ‘Conflict’ cluster.

I will add a post on ‘Come on, come back’  when I have a decent computer! Hopefully in the next few days.

Unseen Poetry

To help you prepare for the Unseen Poetry section of the exam, you can start to look at other poems in the Anthology and see if you can understand ideas in the poem, language and structural features. Feel free to annotate your anthology.

Have a lovely half term guys!

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2 thoughts on “Half Term Homework

  1. Daniel Firth says:

    For the unseen poem revision do we have to look at specifically conflict poems or can it be any

    • It can be any. A good starting point would be to look at the other poems in the Anthology from the Character & Voice, Place and Relationship clusters. Raed the poem and make a note of the things that stand out to you. Alternatively you can look at any other poems – use the net. In the exam the Unseen poem will not be from the Anthology but this is a good starting point to build your ability to read a poem and quickly analyse. You can then always use BBC Bitesize to check any of your ideas. We will begin to look at this when we return from half term. Miss O

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