A rather boring post but have a look if you struggle with your accuracy. Two good websites at the bottom of this  post! Take a look!


The apostrophe does two jobs

1. It is used to show that a letter has been left out (contraction)

I am going on holiday BECOMES I’m going on holiday.
The apostrophe sits above the missing letters.

2. It is also used to show if something is belonging to another person or thing (possession/ownership)

The cat’s whiskers. (One cat)
The girls’ laughter was very loud. (Two or more girls)



  •  There = place or general point – I left it there yesterday/There is too much noise in this room!
  •  Their = belonging to someone/thing- Their dog is in our garden again.
  •  They’re = ‘they are’ – Ignore them. They’re only looking for attention.


  •  Its = belong to it – The elephant lifted up its trunk and took the bun.
  • It’s = ‘it is’ or ‘it has’ – It’s been a wonderful day


  •  Your = belonging to you – Your hamster has got out of its cage.
  • You’re = ‘you are’ – You’re late!


  •  To = shows direction or action – I want you to work hard today/Last year, we went to Japan.
  • Too = ‘as well’ or ‘very’ – We’ve got Maths next too/It’s too cold in this room.

Others to avoid

aloud/allowed, bare/bear,  brake/break, by/buy heal/heel, here/hear, piece/peace, right/write, see/sea, week/weak, weather/whether

Spelling plurals

If there’s more than one thing/object/person, you add an ‘s’ to the end of the word.


If the word ends in ‘y’ after a consonant, drop the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’ baby>babies; lady>ladies

If the word ends in ‘f’ or ‘fe’, usually drop the ‘f’ or ‘fe’ add ‘ves’ wolf>wolves; leaf>leaves

If the word ends in ‘o’, ‘ss’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’ or ‘x’ usually add ‘es’ tomato>tomatoes; bush>bushes; pitch>pitches

Sometimes the vowels change man>men; foot>feet; tooth>teeth

Other common spelling errors

alot > a lot

aswell > as well

infront > in front

defiantly > definitely

sincerly > sincerely

trys > tries

should of > should have / should’ve

Have a look at the following websites – these are great to ensure your writing is accurate:

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