5 Tips for Question 5

Right mock tomorrow guys. We might not have had much time to look at Question 5 but I am confident you will ace it.

Here’s a 5 tips to remember.


Ensure you hook the examiner (or me) in from the start.

Example Question: Describe your favourite holiday and explain your reasons why.

Do not start with: ‘My favourite holiday was…’.

Snooze-fest alert!

Try: ‘Blackpool. Some may think flashing lights, hen parties and a whole lot of tack however to me Blackpool will forever remind me of my childhood.’

Avoid telling a story – describe, explain, describe! 

Use the 5 senses throughout!

If the question allows it, offer a moral or thoughtfully perceptive consideration. 

Such as a question asking about time spent with family: Higher grade students may consider the  spiritual aspect of Christmas in juxtaposition with its commercialisation.

Vary your vocabulary

Unless for effect do not use the same adjective/adverb/verb in close proximity to each other. There’s still three weeks before the actual exam start looking at a thesaurus. Say goodbye to: said, walk, eat, good, nice, bad, amazing.


This is a very difficult skill to simply acquire – if you feel you can bring a sense of joviality  to your writing – do so. But remember to maintain that tone throughout. It’s no good mixing informal with formal – you won’t score highly.

Right best of luck tomorrow. See you on Thursday.

Miss O

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