I did. You didn’t. I did. You didn’t … writing to argue

In today’s lesson I introduced you to a clear structure to help you write to argue. Question 6 tends to ask you to write to persuade or argue. When writing to argue you are going to:

  • Use persuasive techniques – AFOREST
  • Identify 5 reasons for your argument ( 1 for each paragraph) – your conclusion sums up your argument!
  • Squash the other side’s view
  • Use a range of interesting discourse markers – use this website to help you!

You are ALWAYS going to use the following structure for your writing:

1. Touch gloves – start by showing respect/finding common ground.

We all want the best for our school don’t we?

2. Jab – make your first point. Make sure it’s a strong one.

Firstly …

3. Rumble – show that you can be fair by considering someone else’s point of view. Then SQUASH it with yours!

However …

4. Rumble – same as above. SQUASH IT!

On the other hand …

5. Jab – Add a final point to strengthen your argument.

Furthermore …

6. Knock out – Conclude your piece by summing up your thoughts.

In conclusion …

I’ve also included some useful videos that include writing to argue examples and tips.

And for a bit of light relief! Enjoy!

Keep working hard guys. Biscuits on Thursday!

Miss O

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