Question 4 – use the same structure every time!

Having marked a few Question 4s, (this week’s homework) some of you have nailed it but some of you are getting a bit confused. Main issues:

  • No quotes
  • Vague comments – not specific enough to key quotes and the effects
  • Talking in length about the headline and picture. You can mention the headline but don’t spend a full page on it.
  • Not enough focus on language

Use the structure on the blog/green sheet to help, if not come up with your own structure.

Take a look at the following page provided to help you with key language/linguistic techniques. We will look at this in the revision sessions next week too.

Question 4 Revision

Also those of you who didn’t hand in your books or homework – how are you supposed to improve if you don’t give me the chance to mark your work?

Miss O

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