Ready, steady, write.

For your first homework task of the year you attempted the following Section B question from the June 2013 exam:

A website called The Best and the Worst is asking for contributions.
Write an entry for it, which describes the best meal you ever had and the worst.

Explain the reasons for your choices. 



As I explained in the lesson I was really pleased with how you’ve approached the exam preparation but there were three key areas of focus.

  • You must read the question – not every one wrote about both the best and worst meals.
  • You all need to write more.
  • You all also need to focus on crafting an entertaining and accurate piece of writing. You must remember your primary audience for the task but also your secondary audience – me and ultimately the examiner!

I have created a model response – although have only written my worst meal to provide an example of how you could hook your reader and ensure they don’t a) click away from the website or b) in the case of the examiner fall asleep. Read my response and compare to your response – how would you approach this task if I were to ask you to redraft your answer. Don’t worry I’m not actually going to ask you to do this.

Have you ever considered serving chicken breast and strawberries with a chocolate jus?

I imagine the answer to be no. No because no person in their right mind would consider serving such an odd and truly horrific combination however when my husband and I turned up to a dinner party hosted by ex-colleague we were indeed faced with such an enigma. Forget Freddie Krueger, forget Michael Myers, this truly was the stuff of nightmares.

Now I’m no culinary expert but even I know those three ingredients should never be combined, shouldn’t even sit on the same shelf in the fridge. Perfectly cooked moist chicken, yes. Slightly bitter, slightly sweet strawberries, yes.  Deep and sensual chocolate, yes. But together, no! This is a combination of that should never be used in the same dish or, in the worst cases, even in the same universe. 

I admire our hosts’ resourcefulness. Perhaps they had forgotten they’d agreed to host such a dinner party. Perhaps they only had those three ingredients in their fridge. Perhaps they sought inspiration from Ready, Steady, Cook and the plastic bag challenge. However deep in my heart I knew this was a case of one too many cookery programmes coupled with a moment of madness. I blame Gregg Wallace and the Australian bloke from Masterchef. Although I think this may even be a step too far for their culinary tastes!

Miss O.

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